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Reiki I and II in Japan

Spring and Autumn 2020| Kyoto
Dates TBC
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Sep 1 – 8, 2017
May 27 – Jun 3, 2018
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A unique opportunity to take your Reiki training in Dr Usui’s homeland.

The course will take place in Kyoto, the traditional heart of Japan, home of the famous golden temple, geisha, and other historic sights where we can walk in Sensei Usui’s footsteps. We will be staying in a traditional ryokan or Japanese inn.


In Kyoto, there will be the opportunity for sightseeing and cultural exchange. The highlight of our visit will be a day trip to Mount Kurama, the very birthplace of Reiki where Sensei Usui meditated for 21 days and received the Reiki energy. Kurama has many different frequencies and patterns of high vibration. We will hike up to the top of the sacred mountain for a meditation, and the Masters attunement. On the way back down we will enjoy an outside bath at the local hot spring ‘onsen’.


The full two-day, in-depth Reiki Master Teacher course or Reiki I and II course will be spread out throughout the week. In addition, we will visit a Buddhist Temple where we will learn Zen meditation from the resident Buddhist Priest. There is an opportunity to attend a calligraphy class and gain an insight into the world of a Geisha walking through Gion.

This will be an unforgettable physical and spiritual journey for anybody passionate about Reiki!

Booking for this amazing experience is now open. There has already been considerable interest for this course from around the world and bookings have already started coming in, so please contact us asap to ensure your participation in this unforgettable, once in a lifetime journey!



Please follow the links below to download the booking documents for the courses (.doc files).

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  • Reiki Master/Teacher course or Reiki I and II course including all tuition and certification

  • Seven nights’ B & B accommodation in a shared double room in a traditional Japanese Ryokan, with tatami-matted rooms, futon beds, Japanese style bath and breakfast. Visitors may wear yukata.

  • Free bus and train passes all week to explore Kyoto and surrounding

  • Meditation and talk on mindfulness followed by tour of temple and tea/sweets at Shunkoin Temple​

  • Visits to Kinkakuji (Golden Temple), and Ryoanji (Famous Zen garden), Fushimi Inari shrine (1000 torii shrine made famous in Memoirs of a Geisha) and Gion (Historical Geisha district)

  • Day trip to Kurama which includes hike up mountain, meditation, a meal in Kurama, and an onsen visit to cool off

  • All entry fees when sightseeing together

  • Calligraphy class



The accommodation will be provided in traditional Japanese style with a stay at a ryokan, or Japanese Inn.


Luck You Kyoto is an old-style Kyoto machiya or townhouse which prides itself on celebrating local traditions, with all the fittings and decorations sourced from local historical artisans.


Each room is set up in traditional ryokan style where futon will be laid out for you each night on the tatami (woven straw mat) floor. Each room has its own ensuite and modern amenities are provided, including wi-fi and air conditioning. Breakfast is also included.


Training sessions will be held in the lobby of the inn, where a raised alcove laid with tatami mats provides a shared space for learning and administering Reiki.


Luck You Kyoto is based in central Kyoto, the traditional heart of Japan, in close reach of a large variety of famous temples, shrines, the famous Geisha Gion district and more.


Please note: Standard rooms are shared by two people. Check-In is at 16:00 and Check-Out at 11:00. For more information visit the hotel website.





Our in-depth Master Teacher course will be spread out during the week. The first part will look at what it means to be a Master, how to prepare for and pass attunements and an understanding of what happens during this process.

The second part looks at how to teach Reiki and reviews the content of Reiki I and Reiki II to make sure that each Master has a sound knowledge of the Reiki history, principles, symbols and hand-positions. This knowledge is essential even if you do not plan to teach.

There will be numerous mediations and a lot of opportunity to practice both healing and attunements and the detailed manual and Reiki Master Training DVD will ensure that participants can refer back to all that has been learned at home.

Upon completion of the course you will be fully qualified as a Reiki Master Teacher.


  • Teaching Reiki

  • The Path of Knowledge

  • Teaching Professionalism

  • Teaching Reiki I

  • Teaching Reiki II

  • Teaching Reiki III


  • The History of Reiki Mastership

  • To Be a Reiki Master

  • The Reiki Master Symbols

  • The Stupa and the Body

  • What are Attunements?

  • The Microcosmic Orbit

  • What Happens during the Attunements?

  • Usui Reiki Attunement Method

  • Attunement Practice

Your lineage will be Dr. Usui, Dr. Hayashi, Mrs Takata, Iris Ishikura, Arthur Robertson, Dianne McCumber, William Rand, Alan Sweeney, Tina Reibl, Yourself.

Prerequisites: Please note that the Reiki Master course is only available to students who have completed both Reiki I and Reiki II. Students should have at least one year’s experience as Reiki healers and must provide three case studies. For more details on the preparatory work for the course, please contact us.



from our previous trips

"I’ve had an amazing time and experience with some truly beautiful souls. The planning and execution of the trip was perfect, everything went very smoothly. The teacher Tina was very knowledgeable and a very good teacher. This trip has given me the knowledge and confidence in Reiki that was needed!"

"What a marvellous place for this course. The teaching was inspirational and the excursions incredible and so well organised. I feel I got a lot for my money. Everybody has been so helpful and gone out of their way."

"Memorable and well organised week! Lots of fun and knowledge! Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!"

"An amazing journey! Classmates around the world come together for a common goal. This kind of bond will carry on for life. Tina is a very caring teacher. She is a genuine person."

"Open honest Reiki training. Excellent in focusing on Usui traditional Reiki and explaining the differences between Reiki. Attunement into Reiki Masters was a wonderful experience. The trip up Mount Kurama unforgettable. What made it great was the connection between the people and the course. Diverse backgrounds yet so kind, considerate and welcoming."





Tina has been a passionate and committed Reiki Master for over 20 years. She is the founder of The Reiki School and has taught hundreds of Reiki students over her time as a Master Teacher and many of her students are now successfully working as healers and teachers.

Tina is a consultant hypnotherapist and Master of NLP. She brings her considerable understanding of human nature to her work as a holistic healer.

Tina is only 9th down in lineage from Sensei Usui himself. Her Karuna® Master is William Rand.

In 2001 Tina visited the World Reiki Day in India and had the opportunity to study with Walter Luebeck, Frank Arjava Petter and William Rand. She was invited to assist William Rand at Reiki I and II.

Tina usually offers her Masters course in beautiful sacred Avebury where each year many crop-circles appear. This power spot amplifies the Reiki energy and makes the Masters training really special.

In the last few years Tina has started to work internationally, offering healing and creative retreats around the globe. Teaming up with gifted yoga and art teachers she has run several workshops in India, Turkey and Spain.

This forthcoming Reiki Masters course in Japan will be the fulfilment of a life-long dream for Tina.

Joy Reibl, a Reiki practitioner also, has studied Japanese at Oxford University and lived in the country. She will be expertly guiding the group and will be available for help and advice in all things Japanese – from food to customs.




New fees tbc

Holiday Fee including:

  • B&B accommodation

  • All internal transport

  • Activities including meditation class and calligraphy class

  • Excursion to Mount Kurama

  • Entry fees to some temples

  • Service of Japanese-speaking tour guide

Not included: Flights and meals other than breakfast

£500 Master

£400 I and II

Course Fee including:

  • 2 full days of theoretical and practical tuition spread across the week

  • Detailed course manual

  • Reiki Master Training DVD

  • Certificate of completion presented at the end of the course

Note: Price includes a bed in a shared double room. Single rooms and superior rooms are available for a small supplementary fee

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