Learn Reiki in Japan

Kyoto Retreats

Reiki I & II 

12th - 18th November 2024

Reiki Masters

28th October - 4th November 2024

Private Classes

All levels of Usui Reiki and Karuna® Reiki available in English in Japan.

Learn Reiki

Reiki is a Japanese energy healing technique that can be learned by anyone, used whenever or whenever it is needed and brings healing, happiness and success.

We teach Reiki at all levels in 3 ways: classes in a traditional Japanese home for Japanese residents or independent travellers in Japan; week-long retreats in Kyoto for small groups of likeminded individuals; and a personal customisable ‘a la carte’ combination of Reiki class and Japan tour.

All classes are in English.

For Reiki classes in the UK visit our sister site.

The Retreat

This week-long course will take place in Kyoto, the traditional heart of Japan, the home of Reiki , and host to famous golden temple, geisha, and other historic sights where we can walk in Sensei Usui’s footsteps. You will be staying as part of a small group in a traditional ryokan or Japanese inn.

The Experience

Learn your next (or first!) level of Reiki in a traditional Japanese house in a beautiful countryside setting just outside Hamamatsu, halfway between Kyoto and Tokyo.  Classes can be 1:1 or a small group.

The Training

Classes are available in all levels of Reiki, from the beginner Reiki I, through practitioner level Reiki II, to Reiki Master Teacherm and the spiritually advanced Karuna Reiki® .

Teaching will be in small groups, and includes hands-on experience and time to practice what you have learned.

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